Software Projects

I am an active contributor to software to make it easier to understand and analyze gravitational waves. Many of these are developed at the gwastro github page, a place for development of community driven free and open software for the gravitational-wave science.

Some key places:

pycbc: Core package to analyze gravitational wave data and access data from the LIGO and Virgo instruments. It also contains functions that help in detecting an discriminating signals from noise, along with estimating the parameters of potential sources.

gwapps: Web applets that run through mybinder and jupyter notebooks to help people understand some aspects of gravitational-wave data analysis. Currently, there is a nice app that lets you choose masses and spin of a potential source and see how well it matches up with the observed data.

pycbc-tutorials: A collection of jupyter notebooks that help people get some experience with the pycbc library and are useful for understanding some of the basics of gravitational wave data analysis.